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Located in the heart of Waterton and surrounded by mountain beauty, Waterton Glacier Suites is the perfect place for a year-round mountain getaway. Designed to suit the changing needs of modern traveler, Waterton Suites is the ideal Waterton National Park accommodations that offers best-in-class service and amenities, personalized experience, world class cuisine, exceptional design and more.

At Waterton Suites, we create opportunities to celebrate the joy of life by providing a relaxing and comfortable stay in one of the best Waterton/Glacier National Park lodging. The personality and style of our hotel combined with the reliability, consistency and attentive service makes us the preferred Waterton accommodations.

For the avid traveler who seeks a balance between style and substance in their own lives and destination they choose, Waterton Glacier Suites is right choice. Featuring a mountain lodge design with best facilities that are as refreshing, accessible and comfortable as one’s own living space, we emphasize on comfort, amenities and service.

Our team of dedicated and experienced professionals is readily available to provide friendly, individualized service to our guests. The hotel staff offers a warm welcome to the guests with cheerful smiles on their faces and is always available in service; beginning from the hotel booking to your stay with the best Waterton hotels to check out. Whether you are planning an adventure trip to Glacier Park, relaxing in the fireside lounge, holding a business meeting, or romantic wedding, our attentive team members are here for you.

Waterton Glacier Suites have designed packages to help guests experience the very best of Waterton’s stunning surroundings – spring, summer, fall and winter. We can also customize packages according to your needs. Whether you are looking for a romantic mountain sanctuary, a golf holiday with friends, a personal retreat or a place to relax after an adventure tour, our Waterton accommodations have a special package to suit your needs.

Family owned and operated, Waterton Suites is perfect for enjoying your morning coffee on your private balcony or relax in front of your fireplace after a soak in your Jacuzzi. Come and experience the beauty and adventure that Waterton has to offer with our cozy and comfortable accommodation.

For more information, bookings call at 403-859-2004.

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Waterton Glacier Suite
Closed for Maintenance

We will reopen on February 28th  2020